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gSource - the spinal reSource for surgical instruments - is committed to putting the finest quality instruments into the hands of surgeons and their teams.

Not all instruments are created equal. Adequate for the job is, in reality, inadequate. A better instrument reduces distractions and facilitates operations. A better instrument helps a doctor perform at his/her best. A better instrument leads to better results. gSource provides better instruments.

Whether crafted from German surgical stainless steel, or machined from U.S. surgical stainless steel, our instruments are recognized by their finely finished surface. They are are designed to perform with precise surgical function and are also conceived to be affordable. It is this combination that distinguishes the gSource brand.

gSource produces instruments used throughout the world for many of the leaders and innovators in spine and orthopedics.

The gSource catalog contains 3,500 instruments primarily used in orthopedic and spine procedures. Refer to our website at to view our catalog and new instruments available.

gSource Advantages
- Realistic price
- Verified quality
- On-time delivery
- Large selection and inventory
- Orthopedic and spinal focus
- On-site product development
- German craftsmanship
- Precise U.S. machining
- Adaptability/flexibility
- Superior customer service
- Full satisfaction guarantee