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A Brief History: Aurora Spine was founded by a team of experienced spine executives, engineers, and scientists with a fundamental focus on minimally-invasive devices, regenerative technologies, and the aging patient. Established in January 2012, Aurora’s world headquarters is located in Carlsbad, California, with an international office in Harrogate, England. Our belief is that the healthcare industry needs to make proactive changes in order to deliver better results and less invasive treatment at a lower overall cost to the consumer. We see the Aurora product portfolio as a catalyst for this change in the medical device segment, which could ultimately drive changes in other areas of healthcare. Aurora is uniquely positioned to lead this revolutionary change and deliver incredible value to our shareholders, our partners, and most importantly to our patients.

Our Mission: Aurora will specialize in minimally-invasive, regenerative technologies. Our mission is to be the leader in advanced spinal technologies which will have a positive impact on lives worldwide.

Aurora's Philosophy:There are hundreds of companies in this industry all striving to bridge the gap between patient satisfaction and clinical success. Aurora Spine was formed to bridge that gap and bring innovation to minimally-invasive surgery, regenerative medicine, and the aging patient. Our philosophy is to make our implants match the patient’s anatomy, not to make their anatomy fit our implants. We are committed to make our implants better, less invasive, and most importantly something that truly helps the patient and improves their quality of life. Innovation targeted at our patients’ well-being.